SwiftCity Capital Investing Interest Form


U.S securities laws limit the types of investors who can invest with us. The following questionnaire is intended to assist us in determining whether you meet suitability requirements for future investments. Any information you provide here will be kept in strict confidence.


What types of investments do you currently have?


What are your overall investment goals?

Pick the most important one to you currently.


What is your risk tolerance?


What is the value of your current investments?


How many private investments have you placed?


Are you an accredited investor?


What is your approximate net worth?


What is your approximate annual income?


Estimate your liquid assets

(Cash in bank, marketable stocks & bonds, precious metals, etc.)


Please estimate when you will need your liquidity back

(Such as a need for a house down payment or other major financial need)


Anything else we should consider?

Please feel free to add any other considerations you feel would be relevant to establishing your suitability for private placement investments, including other education, business or financial experiences, investment considerations, financial situations, trainings (including seminars, contenting education, etc) or professional licenses and certifications.

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