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About SwiftCity Capital

At SwiftCity Capital, we are focused on providing the best opportunities and value for our investors. Principal and founder Drew Pitchford has built and maintains strong relationships in the markets where we source deals. This allows us the opportunity to analyze hundreds of deals to find the very best ones that provide tremendous upside with as little downside as possible to our investors and partners.


SwiftCity Capital partners with a world class asset management team to ensure that, once closed, the deal is operated at maximum efficiency and the projected business plan is implemented. We focus on A and B class assets in the Nashville, TN MSA, Chattanooga, TN MSA, and the Atlanta, GA MSA, though we are opportunistic in other markets as well. Our typical business plans are either a lite value-add or loss to lease play which provide solid upside but remove much of the operational risk of heavy repositions. 


Unlike many, SwiftCity Capital prefers to use long term fixed rate debt on all projects. This hedges interest rate risk over the hold period of the investment. Additionally, by choosing 5-10 yr terms on our debt, we give ourselves plenty of time to ride the market cycles and exit the investment at the most opportune time.


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How We Invest In Real Estate


Quality Investments

We're constantly looking for the best deals so that you a large selection of high-quality investments to choose from. Our process is to select the best markets and submarkets first, then the property. This ensures we are swimming with the tide on the investment.

Strong Network

We're constantly adding strong connections to our network to make we're able to bring you access to the best deals—including off-market deals that most people won't see. Our track record allows us to have these first looks.

Realistic Projections

Our team's understanding of markets and operations allows us to structure our projects to ensure greater success. You can sleep well knowing our projections are strategically conservative and reduce downside risk from multiple angles.

Strategic Partnerships & Advisory

Benjamin Inman

Benjamin Inman has over 20 years of experience working in many facets of the Multifamily Real Estate Industry. He is the Managing Member of Inman Equities, LLC with offices in Nashville, TN., Atlanta, GA. and West Palm Beach, FL.

Through various partnerships, Inman Equities has acquired assets with 50-200+ units per acquisition and has 4,135 units throughout the Southeast. As the Managing Member at Inman Equities LLC, Benjamin partners with and assists select Family Office clients with Real Estate Investment Banking, Advisory, Research, Forecasting, Single Asset and Portfolio Acquisitions throughout the Southeast United States.

Inman Equities has ~$463M in assets under management across 4,135 units.

Inman Equities partners with SwiftCity Capital on select acquisitions. Inman Equities is the primary asset manager while SwiftCity Capital handles the acquisition and equity for the deals.

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Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson, is the Founder of Bar Down Investments, LLC, Co-Founder of Apartment Addicts & Co-Founder of HouseItLook, LLC, Best Selling Author of The Only Woman in the Room, Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors, and has hosted several BiggerPockets’ Series.

She started investing in real estate in 2009 and has been involved in over $120 million in transactions and managed over $10 million in construction, within both single and multifamily, across over 1,500 units.

In addition to operating her own investments, Ashley has advised and consulted for many well-known owners in the multifamily industry and is a sought after speaker on multifamily operations, inclusive of asset and construction management.

In 2022, Ashley was a ConnectCRE Award Recipient. Ashley also serves on the Penn State Real Estate Board, where she received her Masters, and is the Co-Chair of her undergraduate alma mater, Colgate University.

When Ashley is not working on her businesses, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and their two daughters, and competing with her horses in hunter/jumpers.